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Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is a most visit place, known for its Vegetation, Fauna and variety of mammals, reptiles and birds. Bardia is also spelled Bardiya is a protected area in Nepal, established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. It is a beautiful, unspoiled the largest national park in the Terai, a perfect place to be to learn more about Nepal's wildlife.

About 70% of the Bardia National Park is covered with forest, with the balance a mixture of grassland, savannah and riverine forest. The flora recorded in the park comprises 839 species of flora, including 173 vascular plant species comprising 140 dicots, 26 monocots, six fern, and one gymnosperm species. The wide range of vegetation types in forest and grassland that provides excellent habitat for 642 faunal species. Similarly apart from the mugger crocodiles, 23 reptiles, 125 species of fish have been recorded. The Bardiya National Park is also home to at least 53 mammals including wild elephant, swamp deer, blackbuck, gharial crocodile and marsh-mugger crocodile. And the exotic Gangetic dolphin is also sometimes seen in River Karnali.

Bardia National Park is also one of the most undisturbed protected areas in the Terai and is home to the endangered Royal Bengal tiger and Nepal's famous one-horned rhinoceros. The park also offers opportunity of fishing at River Karnali and River Babai. The best time to visit is autumn, winter and early summer when the weather is warm and dry.

Major Things to do in Bardia National Park

Jungle Walk: Jungle walk is the best possible eco-friendly way of exploring the beautiful and unspoiled Bardia National Park. It is one of the most popular things to do in Bardia National Park and it is an opportunity to experience the diverse wildlife, flora, fauna and the best way to see the real beauty of national park, wildlife and birds.

Jungle walk in Bardia is an exciting and thrilling activity lead by the experienced jungle guides who are well-trained to show you the best of Bardia National Park in a safe way.

Jeep Safari: Jeep Safari Trip is one of the major highlights and most things to do in Bardia National Park. Full day jeep safari in Bardia is highly recommended activity that takes you to the deep jungle offering you the chances of explore different flora and fauna. Jeep safari provides probably the best change to see the Tiger.

Boating or Rafting: The beautiful rivers of Karnali and Babai provides good opportunity for Boating or Rafting trip. Boating or Rafting in Bardia is suitable for travelers from all age group. Karnali and Babai river flows slow and calm with very little rapids so rafting trip in Bardia is very relaxing activity so even if you are traveling to Bardia for easy stay, you can go for this trip.

Similarly, you can combine your rafting trip in Karnali and Bheri river with fishing trip. Fishing trip is a growing activity in Bardia and highly recommended one. Rafting in the Karnali and Bheri river also provides you an opportunity to spot the rare Gangetic river dolphin as well as the beautiful birds and animals on the riverbanks.

Bird watching: Bardia National Park is home of 407 species of birds including rare and endangered one. The Bengal florican, white-rumped vulture, peafowl, bar-headed geese are some of the some species of birds that you can see while bird watching in Bardia National Park. The period from September to November and February to April are the best for the bird watching trip in Bardia.

Overnight Camping in the Jungle: Jungle Camping is another most do thing while you are in Bardia National Park as it is an amazing opportunity to experience the real Bardia wilderness and the thrill of camping in the jungle. Camping site in Bardia is mostly by the side of beautiful Karnali river so you can spot wild animals crossing the river. Also during the night when you are sleeping, the camp staff will stay awake and wake you up when an animal is in the area.

Sleeping in a Treehouse: Sleeping in a Treehouse is unique experience and it can make your Bardia visit extra special. Treehouse in Bardia is located inside the community forest where the locals are working together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to conserve the wild animals.

Staying in treehouse, you can enjoy the beautiful view of grassland and sometime you might spot rhinos, deers and many species of birds. Beautiful sunrise and sunset views are another highlights of Treehouse overnight stay.

Best season for visiting Bardia National Park

The best season for visiting Bardia National Park is from mid-September till mid-December and the start of February till the end of May. Visiting Bardia during the mentioned periods provides big changes to see the Royal Bengal Tiger and other wildlife. The periods between June to August is monsoon season but we can visit Bardia as it will still have its charms.

Where is Bardia National Park?

The largest and most undisturbed Bardia National Park is located in the Terai region covering an area of 968 km2 of sal forest, grassland, savannah and riverine forest. The number of tourists to Bardia National Park is growing each year but still it is not overrun by the visitors so visit to Bardia brings more opportunities to spot endangered species of wildlife.

To get Bardia National Park from Kathmandu, we can take an hour flight to Nepalgunj and take 3 hours drive to the park. We can also travel by land but it is a long journey as it takes about 12 hours of drive. To breakdown long way to Bardia from Kathmandu, Pokhara or Chitwan, we can stop at Lumbini for a night, explore Lumbini and continue our journey to Bardia other day.

Places to stay in Bardia National Park:

There are many options for accommodation in Bardia but we strongly recommend Babai Resort and Rhino Lodge Bardia. Babai Resort is newly built resort with all modern facilities and Rhino Lodge Bardia is one of the oldest property in Bardia that known for the quality services.

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